We do not have valid contact information on the following
classmates. If you know where they are, rat them out…

Merle Adleman
Cynthia Backus
Barbara Bain
Kathleen Marie R. Booth
Madeleine E. Breinich
Laurel M. Brooks
Robert M. Caron
David A. Carpenter
Joyce S. Chase
Linda J. Chute
Mary J. Deasy
John A. Demeo
Barbara Jean Flaherty
Charis Elaine Grant
William James Hannan
Rena A. Hitchins
Eleanor Hedwig Kerns
Edward James Kerr
Sandra Theresa Lagrou
Alicia M. Lee
Amy Susan Levin
Carol A. Levine
Deborah Page Lothrop
John S. Marchetti
John F. MartinĀ  Jr.
Linda W. McDermott
Richard A. Moscaritolo
Richard Muny
Robert G. Nichols Jr.
John V. O’Leary
Patricia M. Palazini
Stephen W. Parker
Robert A. Peckham
Ronald B. Ryder
Lauren Beth Seif
Mary Lou Sherk
George E. Smith
Christine Ellen Smth
Terezinha Maria Vincenzi
Stanley V. Wachowski
Gerald Waitkun
Cheryl Walker
Robert A. Ward
Robert West
Marcia Janice White


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