The 1967 Class Will

Class Will

We, the members of the illustrious Class of 1967, being of sound mind, and each of us having presumably reached the age of reason, do make, ordain, publish and ordain this to be our last will and testament.  It is fitting for us now, at the termination of our four glorious years at Framingham North High School, to recognize by some small bequests, some of those people who have helped us to enjoy our days spent in the classrooms and corridors of our Alma Mater.  The good times we have spent here will be but memories tomorrow; new, ambitious students will take our places.

To our successors and to our instructors, may these gifts serve as frequent reminders of our mighty accomplishments and as incentive to go on to greater things.  May they keep in mind of those we leave behind fond memories of the happiness and pride, which we brought to our teachers, and of the guidance, which we so willingly offered to the underclassmen.

To all underclassmen, the Class of  ’67 leaves a chartered helicopter taking them across the field between 7:15 AM and 7:45 AM and at 2:05 PM every day, rain or shine.  If they prefer, they can take the course in the fifty-mile hike, just initiated in the Social Studies Department.

We leave to our successors a long and reassuring history of indigestion, each time they leave the cafeteria, and a double supply of napkins to allow each student to have two instead of one.

To the Library, we bequeath an abundant supply of Ian Flemming’s works, and infinite Superman Comic Books, to make the reading material a little broader, and to supply relaxing study hall entertainment.

To the Physical Education Department, we leave 300 odd gym suits, which will undoubtedly be walking around on their own long after we are gone.

To the Administration; each his own copy of Crime and Punishment.

To the Medical Department, thanks for assistance in curing our imaginary injuries, and a free taxi service for the real ones.

To the upcoming football squad, hopes for a more successful season.

If possible, we would like to leave the study halls freedom of speech.

We leave to South High, a book on the history of the Civil War, and the memory of a school they should try to imitate, but can never be.

To Mr. Cavanagh, we leave three toned chimes and extended morning announcements to be read, so that students can do all their last night’s homework before first period.

To the incoming Freshman, the most superior corridor in the school.

To the school, we leave an accurate bell system and clocks that make an hour an hour.

To the upcoming senior advisor, all Mr. Schlickman’s headaches.

To the incoming Seniors, the patience to endure their final tremendous year alive.

Among the more individual bequeaths are these:

  1. I, John Fitzgerald, leave a new copy of Beard’s Historical Criticisms  and Bartlett’s Funny Quotations to a certain U.S. History teacher.
  2. I, Joyce Santagate, leave one set of unique braces to the Science showcase.
  3. I, Peter Horton, leave my superior VW to a certain science teacher who might appreciate a trade-in.
  4. I, Robert Nichols, leave my comb to the Art Department head.
  5. We, Jane Wood and Joyce Ruben, leave a supply of nails to a certain English Teacher, so that his student’s can always know where they sit.
  6. I, Sumner Levy, leave to the Sophomore girls the advice to stop acting like Seniors until they are.
  7. We, the cast of the senior play, leave our esteemed director a bottle of Scotch and a box of soda.
  8. I, Michael Shuster, leave my place in the teacher’s parking lot to some abused teacher.
  9. I, Pat Heary, leave my track shoes to the North High Girls’ Track team that never was.
  10. I, Margie Shapiro, leave my forged bus pass to any student living 1.999 miles from the school.
  11. I, John Deluca, leave my nice warm spot on the bench to any deserving underclassman.
  12. I, James Roper, leave my extra set of teeth to Jacquie Cole.
  13. I, Bill Fellows, leave a “No Smoking” sign for the teacher’s room.
  14. I, Doug Scherbath, leave to Larry Biannchi all the candy that he can fit into his round little tummy.
  15. I, Mike Boyle, leave a scholarship fund to an athlete.
  16. I, Lynn sleeper, leave my outstanding college boards to some needy junior.
  17. I, Joann Fitzsimmons, leave a friendship ring to Leslie Ozer.
  18.  I, Alan DiMuzio, leave to room B105 many more exciting sports films, like the 1959 Baltimore Colts championship.
  19. I, President DuBose, leave the lunch ladies all the extra straws I have ever stolen.
  20. I, John Martin, leave my seat as District Chairman of the Danny Thomas Leukemia Drive, with all the good luck in the world.
  21. We, Steven Wax and David Blum, leave our ten pound physics books to any muscle bound Junior and good luck in his science career.
  22. I, Carol Levine, leave Jean Barnicle and Nancy Moriarty all the half days they could ever want or need.
  23. I, Gail Armstrong, leave my tremendous scientific ability (which is sheer luck and brilliant friends) to the incoming freshman.
  24. I, Fred Rapoport, leave Dick Sharpstein a muzzle and a golf club.
  25. I, Larry Anellis, leave my #22 track uniform to anyone un-lucky enough to get it.
  26. I, Gail Tedoli, leave the cafeteria, my I Hate To Cook Book.
  27. Anonymous leaves four new tires for Mr. Anastas.
  28. I, Joyce Chase, leave my excuse slips to any needy soul.
  29. I, Helen Kelly, leave 100 pounds of school spirit with hope that it might bring more victories for North.
  30. I, Jennifer Lawson, leave A201 to any unsuspecting juniors.
  31. I, Tim Vrabel, leave the school a self-evaluation kit.
  32. I, Howie Gaynor, leave the Key Club to Larry Morse.
  33. I, Wendy Smith, leave my stilts to some shrimpy underclassman.
  34. I, Perry Davis, leave six cases of used tape and six tons of ice to the next trainer of the football team.
  35. I, Richard Berssenbrugge, leave Bob Low some Ammens Foot Powder.
  36. Anonymous leaves to the Class of ’68 all the 1967 class spirit in bottles, cans or on tap.
  37. I, Gene Baker, would like to leave North High with a diploma.
  38. I, Vern Taulbee, leave Framingham with no regrets.
  39. I, Wayne Tayes, am looking for something to take with me.
  40. I, Paul Bent, just want to leave.

With witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal, this seventh day of June, in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Seven.


Mary Jane Cavanagh

Judy Buchner

Sheryl Silverman

Amy Levin

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