Do you Remember Our Class History?

There are a couple of names bolded I could not read them from my old copy.  If you know the correct names, let me know and I will make the changes!  Enjoy the read….

Class History

In the early days of September 1963, a tremendous shock hit that renowned educational institution: Framingham North High School.  Was it an atom bomb?  Was it an earthquake? Of course not.  This event was for more world shaking—it was the entrance of the Class of 1967 into the sacred halls of FNHS.  We were Freshmen, the lowest form of animal life about to embark on our high school career.  After deciphering the information in the convenient little handbook and receiving wrong direction from the ever-helpful marshals, we became familiar with the rules and customs—especially the customs—of our new school.

 As the days passed, we were subjected to cynical remarks, one for instance, the two syllable word uttered in that unmistakably sarcastic tone “*FRESHMAN*”!

Could it be possible that we were once that derided, groveling rank of lowest humanity?  Luckily another beloved, long awaited experience—term tests came to us soon after our orientation.  Being strong of heart and mind, our Frosh nonchalantly breezed through these unimportant quizzes.

A few weeks and ninety-eight vitamin pills later, we the Class of ’67 became a constituent factor in the working of our school government when the newly elected Student Council members (Jean Earl, Jim Cooper, Peter Cotton, Judith Buchner) were sworn in by the president of Student Council.

School spirit for the Freshman team was boosted by the lovely girls from it’s own class:  Helen Kelly, Mary Jane Cavanagh, Virginia Bowen, Suzanne Dek, Anne Robichaud, Kathy Mancini, Debbie Travis, Sheryl Silverman, Karen Kray and Judi Buchner.  For the first time in the history of Framingham, the Frosh team had their very own cheerleaders.

Who can ever forget the days we ate our lunch in our classroom and the selective person who bought our milk and the rallies held outside.  These hardships were not enough.  Remember those old days when the gym classes were held outside because we did not have our gym?

Just before the year closed, the walls of North High were covered with posters and the students were bombarded with campaign propaganda as our class prepared to go to the polls to elect its officers for sophomore year.  When the results were tallied we discovered that Geoff Smith was chosen President; Chester Ju as Vice=President; Lucy Cella as Secretary; and Howie Gaynor as Treasurer.

June, the month of brides and roses, arrived as it does every year.  Sadly we abandoned our books, while we ran, not walked to the nearest exit and a summer of peace and quiet.

After a year of struggle we finally overcame the stigma of being Freshmen.  Easily we slipped into our old routine.  In our Sophomore year we were blessed with a victory over South as a matter of fact, we had our FIRST VICTORY.

With the opening of our Sophomore year we dug out our old gym suits for our gym was finally completed and in our cafeteria the most un-forgetful lunches awaited us.

It seems that our Sophomore year was a routine year—what ever a routine may be.  In the Spring a young man’s fancy turns to love, so they say, but instead our thoughts turned to elections.  Once again the political hum could be heard everywhere and colorful posters were very much in evidence.  Candidates preparing speeches, slogan tags being worn, campaign managers soliciting votes for their respective candidates and a general hubbub of excitement filled the atmosphere.  Emerging victoriously from this conflict were:  Chris DuBose—President, Geoff Smith-Vice President, Howie Gaynor—Treasurer and Judi Buchner—Secretary.

Again, vacation came and off we emerged into the wild life of freedom.  That is, some of us—the ones that had their licenses.

Our Junior year—we finally made it—at least to be upperclassmen.  A steering committee was selected and directed by Mrs. Nancy Keith.  Again in our Junior year we achieved another victory over South.

Our first major project was the Junior Class Variety Show called; “A Night in the Persian Palace.”  As expected, the Junior Class lived up to its fine reputation and presented one of the most spectacular shows on earth.  While preparing for the show e noticed a fairly new teacher slinking around in the background==little did we expect==.

Our successful Variety Show urged us on to bigger and better things—our Prom.  Busy as beavers, our various committees worked day and night (Well at least day.) under the guiding hands of our class advisor, Mrs. Keith and the new teacher to give the Seniors a memorable farewell party.  Thus our gymnasium was transformed into an underwater paradise of blue and green entitled “Fantasea””.

Our Class princesses were Judi Buchner, Jean Earl and Karen Barnum.

That June, bidding the Seniors a fond farewell, we took control of the school in the remaining few days.  Once again, elected officers and we prepared for our senior year.  Those elected were Chris DuBose, President, Jim Cooper V. President, Peter Cotton, Treasurer and Judi Buchner, Secretary.

Another September rolled around and with it a new school year.

Happy months were ahead of us for at last we had achieved that time-honored title of SENIORS (we will now bow our heads for a an appreciative moment of silence_.  It was a hard struggle but we made it.  We staggered rather swaggered through the dusty corridors and practiced the difficult act of being “BIG WHEELS”.  Our record of having an advisor a year was continued when Mrs. Keith departed and Mr. Schlickman ably took charge of advising the glorious Class of “67.

The iron hand of “big boss” Gaynor clamped around the Student Council and capably guided that organization through a praiseworthy year.  The school publications were greatly improved by the efforts of Spartan editor, Gail Levine and Archon editors- Carol Samoluk and Chester Ju.  On the sports scene our team played well and hard with “Cool” Chris and “Speedy” Smith as co-captains of our football team.  And we must not forget to mention our illustrious baseball team with c0-captains Rams and our ace number one Pitcher Al.  Our teams were cheered on by the girls in green and gold co-captains being Kathy Mancini and Janey Cavanagh.

With the SENIOR-FROSH dance we took pity on the —what do you call them?  Oh yes=== Freshmen and initiated them into the social life of FNHS.  The PROBLEM was who had more fun the Frosh or the Seniors.

Time rushed on and in between vacation, sick leaves, and fake leaves, we diligently worked at our precious studies.  On January 3, 1967, we struggled back to the old grind.  We had spent a quiet New Year’s Eve roasting Popcorn in the fireplace (HO).

The next event in the agenda was the Senior Play production “A Man Called Peter” starring Mike Shuster and Jean Earl and oh yes, the illustrious Bikle sisters.  This notable play faithfully directed by “Cecil” B. Von Schlickman achieved unbelievable success and is almost certain of capturing the Pulitzer Prize for 1967.

The weeks flew by (in a jet plane).  Soon we would be saying a sad farewell to our Alma Mater and our Alma Pater.  A little bit of melancholy swept over us as we sat back and received the homage of the Juniors through the Prom.  Our days of power were fast slipping away for the underclassmen were taking over leading duties and position in the school.

Now the final big get-together has arrived.  Yes, we are gathered on this night of nights- Class Night to “eat, drink and be merry” while recalling past happenings and prophesizing the future.

When we march solemn and dignified in our caps with tassels guaranteed to dangle in front of the eyes and gowns, we realize that the memories, the spirit, and the ideals fo FNHS have prepared us to face confidently the new, full life ahead.

 Sheryl Silverman

Amy Levin

Judi Buchner

Jane Cavanagh

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